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Is God really forgiving in nature?

Submitted by Yu on Sun, 2014-11-16 19:24

Eternal damnation. A Lake of fire full of burning brimstones. A place of unquenchable thirst. These are but a few of the descriptions of the place God has prepared for some poor folks after they die - Hell. It is known that once you commit sin and die without asking for forgiveness, that is it. You are done for. There is no room for rehabilitation. There is no coming out of the pits of hell.

The same doctrines talking of hell also teach about forgiving someone seven times. How come theres no forgiveness for people in hell. How come God does not forgive?

Another concept I don't get is that of Lucifer. This guy sinned and was cast down to earth as punishment. Did he decide to remain here on his own or has he repented and wants to go back. I was watching the Russell Crowe movie "Noah", you might have guessed.

Why did God choose earth as place for Lucifer's prison? Did he not know we are too weak to deal with a supernatural being? Is he playing a game? I mean did he send down this thing down here for us to play a game of "survive if you can"?

The story of Sodom and Gomorra was a total annihilation of both the innocent and sinners. The collateral damage did not even bother God. He went on to rain burning sulfur on the cities.

The final one is about us humans. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit thousands of years ago. For that they were cast out of the garden and afflicted with the mortal qualities we have today-  death, pain etc.

For how much longer should we continue to suffer for what Adam and his wife did? Is the punishment not enough yet? Have we not suffered enough?

Is God really forgiving in nature? He destroys cities, burns people in hell for eternity, allows terrible things happen to innocent people. You tell me if this God is as good as preachers make him out to be?

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God is forgiving in nature
There is no God. We make our own destiny
The Bible stories are fables or fantasy
There is no Hell or Heaven




Submitted by frames on Sun, 2014-11-16 21:00

The fake forgiveness you talk about is flawed. It allows people to go away and do whatever they like and then come back on their knees to ask for forgiveness. Is that enough to swing between heaven and hell?

Submitted by Rakeem on Mon, 2014-11-17 20:09
Rakeem's picture

God is a force that rewards you according to your deed. Using your Adam and Eve analogy, ask yourself, has mankind repented in their ways to warrant a return to the garden? Take a look at what is happening today. War everywhere, wickedness everywhere. Is that worthy of the innocence of the garden of Eden?

I tell you we are even worse that Adam or Eve. Those folks just ate an apple but we kill and maim each other for money or stupid beliefs. How can you return to the garden with all that corruption? You cannot blame God for that.

I think God is really patient. If this world were to belong to one of those shrewd business men, they would have dismantled and recycled it long ago.

Submitted by Sly on Thu, 2015-12-03 09:38
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If there was one, he definitely does not forgive or forget. the Adam and Eve shit happened millenniums ago. Why must I get punished for their shit? I thought everyone answered for their own shit? I tell you what? The Bible is full of contradictory shit!

Submitted by Anton on Sat, 2015-12-05 00:53
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if god was not forgiving, we should have been wiped out by now.

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