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Do you believe the illuminati runs the world?

Submitted by roxxette on Thu, 2014-11-20 20:20
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They have been linked to most big celebrities - rappers, film stars even presidents of countries. Some conspiracy theorists swear the illuminati is behind every major event that has happened in the last few decades including the recent global economic recession and the on-going escalation in terror attacks, the lack of ethics and self respect in the music industry portrayed by half naked and morally decadent artistes. Its hinted they run most governments in the world via their control of global flow of currency.

Even the Catholic Pope has not been spared. Conspiracy theorists claim he is the visible leader of the ancient group. That is, when they do not claim its the Royals of England. We no longer know what or whom to believe.

Mention any big celebrity, people will point out an illuminati feature in them. It could be a hand gesture, the clothes they wear or how they move. Everything stinks of illuminati these days.

One thing I don't understand is the claim they want to run down the current, relatively stable system of government all over the world. What is the gain in chaos? The theories are contradictory. These people, they claim, want to run the world, why do they need to first destroy it?

I do not agree or disagree about this supposed cult of powerful evil men. Who are these shadowy individuals and do they really have the powers ascribed to them? Do you think the Illuminati exists?


AgreeDisagreeDon't KnowIndifferent
The illuminati does not exist
The illuminati controls most governments
The illuminati controls most musicians and film actors



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